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Artist Spotlight – Ravens Soul Designs

By 26th June 2014Design, Spotlight









A while back i was contacted by artist Rachael Reed from Eastborne who runs Ravens Soul Designs. She asked if she could use one of my photographs i had shot last year at Aston Manor Transport museum in Aldridge, of model Bambi posing in a vintage style on one of the museums exhibits.

Of course i was incredibly flattered that she wanted to use one of my pieces as inspiration for her artwork so i absolutely agreed!

The drawing was done on an A1 paper, using a mix of ink and biro. The level of detail in the work is incredible!

View the Gallery below for the photo used for inspiration, as well as some work in progress photos (used here with permission from Rachael)

You can view more of Ravens Soul designs on her facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/RavensSoulDesigns?fref=ts

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