Such a great opportunity to work with Andy Simon of Darkslide photography.

As a designer my greatest pleasure is to see my gowns change from being a static Item on a tailors dummy to being brought to life in amazing pictures that tell a story, this is exactly what Andy does.

Earlier this year Andy used one of my gowns for a shoot “The Warrior” and dramatically turned a humble Tudor courtier gown into the most stunning warrior queen, I was absolutely amazed and delighted,

He completely brought out the best in my work.

I would work with Andy again and again, and one day I would love to be able to work with him on a shoot in person.


Michelle ParkerMoonlight Masq Costumes

Andy Simon of Darkslide Photography has a vision. In fact, he has many visions & a knack for fulfilling them during his photo shoots.

Working closely with costume & accessory designers, models and hair/make-up artists, Andy sees his imaginative concepts take shape during a shoot and every photograph tells a story.

He communicates effectively and manages to strike a rapport with his model, often with multiple models, achieving exactly the look he is aiming for.

The resultant photographs frequently have an air of an alternate universe about them when he is conducting a fantasy shoot, which make the accessories I provide through “Twisted Trinkets” look truly magical.

Andy’s concepts have often pushed me to work outside my comfort zone as an accessory designer and I will be forever grateful for it!

I look forward to many future collaborations.


Louise O'PreyTwisted Trinkets Jewellery

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Andy on his epic ‘Dark Carnival’ shoot and he was a pleasure to work with. From the early concept stage, right through to the shoot day Andy was full of ideas and always open to suggestions. He was funny, approachable, and considerate to everyone working with him. Everyone followed Andy’s direction and despite the elements being against us at times we all experienced a thoroughly enjoyable shoot. Andy’s enthusiasm is infectious and you can tell immediately that he loves what he does. This passion shows in the finished work, as every image tells its own story. Would I recommend Andy Simon? Absolutely, without hesitation.


Troy DennisonSFX Makeup Artist

I was lucky enough to work with Andy Simon of Darkslide Photography on several shoots in Brighton. The shoots we worked on were some of the most creative,exciting and fun shoots I have worked on in quite a while. He has a clear vision of what he wants from a shoot but isn’t afraid to deviate and experiment when opportunity presents itself, his work has gone from strength to strength since I have worked with him and I constantly look forwards to seeing what his next project will bring.


Liam BainesAngel Fox Photography

I have worked with Andy so many times I have lost count. A real credit to photographers, he is friendly, fun and funny whilst remaining professional. As a make up artist I always try to provide the right look for the style of shoot and will always ask if there is any guidance that the photographer / model would like me to adhere to. Andy is clear in what he requires from a shoot, without being remotely bossy. I love working with him, and wouldn’t keep doing so if I had ever had a problem with him. I am lucky enough to call him not only a favoured photographer but also a friend. His work varies hugely dependent upon the subject, from gritty to scary from cute to vintage, he pulls it all off. All in all, I love his work and love working with him. Amazing man, amazing photographer.


Helen BurtonHelen Burton Makeup Artist