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Darkslide does Vogue Magazine.

By 25th June 2014Published Work

Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you.

Back in 2010 when i was still studying photography at college, I did some work for a local clothing supplier called Box of Burlesque who have since ceased trading. I did all of their photography work for them including a shoot at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham and my work was featured in all their promotional materials, website and flyers etc.

Out of this however i was given my first piece of published photography work, In Vogue Magazine no less! Yes, the photo itself is the size of a postage stamp, but still being a student at the time and being given the opportunity to have my work featured in the biggest fashion magazine out there was quite a honour!

Gallery below includes the August 2010 Cover of Vogue Magazine, the actual featured piece and the original image of model and Burlesque performer Aimee Lamour.

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