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In the beginning…

By 15th December 2014Spotlight

A couple of weeks back i was tidying up my hard drive and came across these photos, from my first ever modelling shoot back in autumn 2008 when i had just started studying for my City and Guilds Diploma in Photography.

Whilst i had been an avid landscape photographer for many years before, this was my first real attempt at photographing people. The model is my wonderful wife Zoe, and it was for a college project called “Faces” which i passed the assignment!

If i recall, they were shot with a Fuji S9600 camera in RAW mode, and with an old vivitar offshoe flash with ceiling bounce.

It’s really interesting to see how far i have come in all these years, but i still appreciate these images now, they may be naive and i may have been inexperienced back then, but the beauty of the photography, and of course my wife, shines through.


I hope you have enjoyed this article, and as always, please feel free to comment with your thoughts or feedback!



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