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Kit Purchase – Minolta 100-200mm Lens

By 5th April 2014gear

Another recent Lens purchase. A vintage Minolta 100-200mm Telephoto f4.5 lens

A slightly smaller version of the Minolta 70-210mm Beercan Lens with a marginally slower aperture (70-210 is f4, this is f4.5) and a slightly reduced range, but at a fraction of the price.

Picked up for the bargain cost off £25 off ebay, it came in lovely condition with both front and rear caps, all i added was a 49mm hood to help reduce flare when using it outdoors.

Again with all vintage minolta lenses the colour rendition is fantastic, beautiful bokeh and amazing sharpness. This particular one starts to shine straight from f4.5 with good centre sharpness and stopping down to f5.6-f8 it’s sharp across from corner to corner

Full review and sample images to follow over the coming weeks.

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