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Kit Review – Sony Alpha a65 IR Remote Shutter

By 23rd July 2014gear

A recent Purchase off of a well know auction site. A generic Branded Infra-red Remote shutter release for Sony Alpha series cameras.

I purchased this for under £5 inc shipping from a UK seller, although they can be purchased cheaper from HK or Chinese sellers.

Although i have an intervalometer wired remote for time lapse, long exposure and as a remote shutter. I wanted something more compact to add to my kit bag when out on location so as my new Sony a65 body supports IR remotes i though i would give this a shot.

It came just as the unit only, no instructions in a small poly bag from the seller. Size wise it is approx 8.5cm x 4cm x 5mm thick.

It is powered by a common CR2025 battery which was supplied with the remote. But these can be picked up quite easily from poundshops or Electronic stores for replacements too. The battery compartment itself is a bit fiddly to slide open, especially if like me you have no fingernails to pull it out with, although the advantage of this is that it wont fall out easily.

So to the review! Well, does it work?

Simple answer is Yes, On my a65 body you have to change a setting on the ‘Drive Mode’ menu to ‘Remote Commander setting’ right at the bottom of the menu.

The unit itself has 2 buttons, one as a remote shutter, the second as a 2 second timer. A single press on each will both enable the AF if it is active and then open the shutter and capture the image, If AF is disabled it will simply capture the image.

So, it does work, however the range is a bit limited. Indoors under incandescent light range wise i would say is between 15-20 feet, on a sunny day indoors this is reduced to about 10-15 feet, outside the range is very much reduced with a range of about 5-10 feet maximum. Bare in mind this is my own testing and is not scientific in anyway, but it does reflect every day use.

It is also worth noting that the IR Sensor on the A65 camera is at the front of the camera next to the lens, under the shutter button on the grip, so as IR works mostly via line of sight, you need to be in front of the camera for it to work fully, however in smaller areas IR can bounce off walls and reflective surfaces quite well, but it is hit and miss whether it fires.

So is it worth it?

For the price paid, then yes, It is compact, i’ve yet to change the battery and it has been used on and off for around 5 months. Range is a bit of an issue if say you wanted to use it for family photos on a beach, but for studio work, and landscape work, especially when using a tripod then it is excellent as it does not involve you touching the camera and thus reducing vibration and camera shake significantly.

Also to note, there is another remote out there with added functions that also works on the Sony a65 and similar cameras, that includes extra buttons for recording video and controlling playback and slideshows when the camera is connected via HDMI. If i decide to purchase one of these at a later date i shall of course update this review to suit.

Thanks for reading, and i hope this has been informative for you!


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