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Lifehack – Bargain Battery Storage.

By 23rd July 2014gear

Not gear related as such, but more of a photography lifehack. The bane of most photographers lives are Batteries! Well mine anyways!

As a location photographer and mostly using half a dozen flash guns on a shoot, batteries are always needed! I have about 10 sets of high power Duracell rechargeables i use regularly on shoots, which are constantly on charge at home.  I prefer the duracell Accu ones as they hold charge for a long time and can be stored away for weeks without them losing power. But i digress…

Charging them all is one thing, but i admit i am quite lax in the way i store them, usually loose in a drawer, or in a couple of tubs marked “Charged” and “Uncharged”. Not the best system at all! Especially when a lot of the batteries are mixed power ranging from 2000 mAh to 2750 mAh, and being Duracell, they are all the same colour at first glance.

So last week i was in my local Home Bargains store looking for some storage tubs for my daughters ever growing collection of Loom bands (yep, our household has not escaped the current fad!) and came across these little gems. A pack of 4 tubs for the bargain price of 99p which are perfect for battery storage! Each tub can take 12x AA and 8x AAA batteries. So enough storage for 3x flashguns and 4x wireless triggers in each. The also clip closed quite tightly so minimal risk of them spilling out.

On an average shoot i usually use 3x flashguns as a basic (2x front, 1x rear fill) or double to 6. so a couple of these are perfect for throwing in my kit bag to keep them all organised and save them falling about.

Again thanks for reading and i hope this has been a useful read for you.


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  • Liam (Angelfox) O'Naid says:

    It’s a great idea, I’m off to the Range* (Other bargain stores are available)

    My battery hack is that once I charge a set of batteries (AA’s or my camera batteries) I put a rubber band round it (you could use loom bands) and the discharged ones go back in my pack un-banded, that way when I get back from a shoot I know what’s charged and what’s not 🙂

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