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My Editing Suite

By 13th April 2015gear
PC setup

I’m often asked what my PC (yes, i’m a PC user, not apple fanboy!) Setup is for editing so here is a quick breakdown of my PC and it’s components. I’m also a bit of a casual gamer so the main PC also runs via HDMI to the other side of my room connected to my 47″ flatscreen for the ultimate in comfort as i can lounge on the couch with a wireless xbox controller.

Main desk setup courtesy of Ikea, and an extra shelf made to rise the monitors up to head height.

Whilst not being a top spec setup, it does me well, the SSD drive is fantastic for boot times and lightroom catalog storage, although my main photos are stored on one of the internal drives and again mirrored on an external. The Nvidia gfx card always handles well when using Adobe CC suite as well as for the odd game of Tomb Raider.

1x Samsung 22″ 16:10 Monitor
1x NEC 24″ 16:10 Monitor
Razer Tarantula Keyboard
Trust GXT14 Mouse
Trust  Widescreeen drawing Tablet.
Mr Pinkleton the sad Dinosaur.

Under the hood is my main rig.

AMD x4 640 CPU
8gb DDR3 ram (soon to be 16gb)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560ti Gfx
OCZ 240gb SSD main drive
2x 2tb Internal drives
1x 1.5gb external USB2.0
1x 1gb external Portable USB3 Drive
Running Windows 8.1 (which i love, contrary to popular belief) but with all the metro garbage disabled and a fantastic little program called “Classic Start Menu” which does what it says on the tin!  Lightroom 5 and Adobe CC are my main editing tools as well as some of the fantastic Topaz Labs plugins for each. 

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment or ask questions!

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