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Old Vs New – Sony Mavica fd85 vs Alpha SLT A65

By 13th April 2015Uncategorised

It’s amazing how digital technology has evolved in the last decade. As an avid Sony Alpha series user, last week i was looking in to their first generation of digital cameras. The Mavica series (Short for Magnetic Video Camera) were first introduced in 1997 with the MVC-FD5 and FD7 sporting a massive 0.3 Megapixel Resolution (640×480 Pixels or VGA resolution).

Looking online i found that the camera can be purchased quite cheaply second hand so i picked up a 2nd Generation Model, the Mavica FD-85 released in 1999. The original retail price of these were around the £600 mark. A comparable price to mid range SLR’r or SLT’s currently (My Current Sony A65 SLT cost around this price last year when i purchased it)

Fortunately the FD-85 only cost me £6 inc delivery from an online second hand retailer and arrived in good condition with battery, strap and charger. It’s a beast of a camera and compatible in weight and size to my current SLT. All of the Original Mavica Series cameras used 3.5″ Floppy discs for storage. With the FD-85 taking approximately 6-8 photos in full 1.3 megapixel resolution. It also sports a 3x optical zoom which is approx 37-111mm in focal lengths, as well as on board flash, auto exposure and a video mode that will record clips in 320×240 resolution.

Sadly i’ve yet to test it fully as i do not have any floppy discs available, but once some have arrived i’ll do a full review and compare it to my current camera. I’m actually fascinated as to what it is capable of as well as if it can be used with external flash via optical slaves.

I always say it’s not the camera that makes a good photographer, so in this case i shall be putting my money where my mouth is and giving it a whirl the next time i am out shooting!

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment.


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